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Ranked among top Universities of India, Department of Economics at Banaras Hindu University welcomes Ph.D students. The department provides a highly stimulating environment for research in economic theory, macroeconomics, development economics, Industrial economics and various areas of applied economics. Current PhD students are pursuing research in a variety of areas ranging from economic development, environmental economics, agricultural economics, macroeconomic theory and policy, micro-finance, and international trade etc.
PhD students can avail of generous research fellowships offered by the Banaras Hindu University or JRF grant from University Grants Commission. A congenial and stimulating environment for research includes the active seminar series held every Friday. Various conferences and workshops are organized by department and Faculty of Commerce and Faculty of Management Studies in University campus giving in-depth understanding social sciences. There are ample opportunities to go to national and international conferences and present research. The presence of a very strong Statistics department at BHU, means that Ph.D students interested in applied work or econometrics have additional intellectual resources to draw upon. Recent Ph.Ds from our doctoral program have gone on to work at several established research institutes and Universities in India and abroad.
Below are a set of FAQs that you will find useful while applying.

How do I apply to BHUs Ph.D. program?
There are two ways of becoming a PhD student at BHU, depending on whether you want to avail of a Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) from the BHU or not.
If you want a RET( Research Entrance Test) fellowship from BHU, you must pass a nation-wide written selection test conducted by university. After passing the written selection test, you will be invited for an interview which is held twice a year.
Successful clearing of the interview leads to the award of an RET fellowship and enrollment in the PhD program. 
If you do not want a fellowship from BHU, write to the HOD, Department of Economics. If you are eligible (having cleared UGC NET exam), you will be interviewed by a committee, and admitted to the PhD program if you pass the interview.

Can I do my Ph.D. part time?
While nothing in the rules prevent this, our strong recommendation is a no. If you are employed, it is better to take study leave.

Suppose my background is in engineering or physics, or some other field, should I still take the Selection Test?
No, only those who have studied economics at masters level are eligible. 

If I choose to work, do I have to give up my JRF/SRF Funding?
Yes, under the current rules, you cannot be paid by two sources.

What about hostel accommodation?
This is provided to most of the Ph.D. students depending upon availability.

Why should I do my Ph.D. at the BHU?
Because it is a world-class doctoral program in economics, with top faculty in many fields. Next, BHU provides flourishing environment for your doctoral program in lush green and peaceful campus. Presence of various departments like Statistics, Law, Education, engineering and medical etc is an added boost for conducting inter-disciplinary research. 
For more information you may read Ph.d ordinance of BHU here.

Department of Economics